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 Galileo2: Radio Astronomy 20.1MHZ Receiver

 Electronic Dice by Nina Gajjar




A Simple Direct Conversion 20.1MHZ Radio Astronomy Receiver

FD-Galileo2 is designed for NASA’s Radio Jove project. Here is some basic information for your quick review.

NASA's Radio JOVE project is centered on the low cost radio telescope receiver, which can be used by science classes to collect planetary or solar radio astronomy data. Schools may opt to use other equipment to collect this data, but use of the Radio Jove receiver is highly recommended and provides good educational value to the students.

The radio telescope is intended for high school level classes, but may be appropriate for introductory college courses or advanced middle school students.

Galileo2 is a direct conversion 20.1MHZ receiver suitable for Jupiter noise measurement. Radio amateurs may use this tiny receiver on any of the amateur radio bands with little change in coil design.

Completed Galileo2 Receiver:

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Galileo2 PCB TOP View:

Galileo2 Schematic:

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Galileo2: Tech Info Document, Schematic and files:
Galileo2 Tech Info  Document 
Schematic & Kit Parts List 

About Radio Astronomy
Want to make your own boards? here are Gerber files in RS274X for Single Sided PCB

Datasheets of Parts used in this Project

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  Galileo2: Direct Conversion Receiver for Radio Astronomy


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