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 A Simple Crystal Radio Kit by Nina Gajjar

 Crystal Radio Kit by Nina Gajjar

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I have been listening rhythm of a wood pecker sitting on Neem tree around our house and so have been listening Morse code. Both sounded same to me until late, when I started listening with more attention. 

Well they were different anyway!! In the sense that, one was just hard work of a bird while other contained a message.


Morse codes are irritating for many, me too. But when I was 7 or so, dad started running a program called Hamcom on our PC. It was fun to me because, I could type in a character and the PC played a pitch of the wood pecker's hard work!

I loved that program. Recently we were working on Science projects at our school & first thing came to my mind was to make this simple PCB with just one IC. 

You do not require this PCB/KIT if you only want to practice Morse code. You may download the Hamcom software, install it on your PC & start practicing Morse code.

You require this Kit only if you want to copy Morse or radio teletype messages transmitted over radio. If you have a good radio (SW) just add this card on your PC's com port & you can copy Morse & RTTY signals. 

This board is RS232 powered, which means, you do not require to supply any power to it because it takes its power from your computer.

The Program:

Hamcom is a free software written by a German radio amateur with Call Sign DL5YEC . It requires a simple com port interface to receive & transmit RTTY/CW on radio. With this kit, you can start digital communication at very low cost & in a shortest time slot.

Hamcom also includes audio spectrum analyzer and tuning scope built into the software. My dad built this card 20 years back but here I have made it again because, since then, there is not much of the improvement in digital communication scenario around here!!

It is always better to "Type" & "Read" on Computer than to give pain to ears!!

Hamcom is not only for Digital Communication or Morse code receiver/Transmit. This interface may be used to copy Weather Fax and many other "Receive Only" modes which requires simple computer interface and that too by almost anybody with little efforts!!

If you decide to buy a kit, You will require few tools too.  A soldering iron, solder wire, a cutter and other small things, costing about $10.


Picture of the completed Hamcom interface:

Click the picture to enlarge

Click the picture to enlarge


Hamcom Interface REV 030809 Document & Schematic:
 Hamcom Tech. Info Document
Schematic & Parts List

PCB Snaps TOP Side          Bottom Side
Color Schematic

View JPG

Make your own PCB with these Gerber Files in ZIP PCB Files in ZIP

 Datasheets and Software Download

Hamcom V.2.0
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