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 VU Meter: A Simple VU Meter using LM3914

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A Simple VU Meter using LM3914 and 10 LEDs


This simple VU Meter may be used in variety of projects. Since real electro magnetic type VU Meters are no longer available or too expensive, I decided to make this one using LM3914 and 10 LEDs, which I can use in my other projects.

Here are few important points that this VU Meter may do: 

1. It works on DC Supply from 3V to 12V (or more)

2. 10 LED group may be one color or Multi color

3. May be used with AD8307 type Log amplifier

4. Use as a Voltage or Current meter with proper dividers.  

5. Very Low operating current

6. Single Sided PCB: Can be made at home or on Breadboard


Completed VU Meter:

Click to enlarge

VU Meter PCB View:

Click to enlarge

VU Meter Schematic:

Click to View Full Schematic
VU Meter Document & Schematic:
VU Meter Tech Info  Document 
Schematic & Kit Parts List 

Color Schematic


Want to make your own boards? here are Gerber files in RS274X for Single Sided PCB

 Datasheets of Parts used in this Project

LM 3914
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  Simple LM3914 VU Meter: RV1212

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