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 PIC12F675 Electronic Dice

 Electronic Dice by Nina Gajjar


A Simple PIC12F675 Electronic Dice

I built this small Dice because we had a spare corner of PCB un-used of a larger PCB design. Project originally belong to Pete Griffiths and I thank his efforts in making such a nice project and make available code for free use.

Purpose of this project was to test my ability to program small Microchip devices (12F Series) and see if this work well. It did!!

I do not intend to make kits of this project but may do so for schools or young groups if interest is expressed.

Board is powered from an USB port considering all young and old have a PC anyway!!

Have fun!

Completed Electronic Dice:

Click to enlarge

Electronic Dice PCB TOP View:

Electronic Dice Schematic:

Click to View Full Schematic

Electronic Dice Document, Schematic and files:
Dice Info  Document 
Schematic & Kit Parts List 

Color Schematic


PIC12F675 Hex
Want to make your own boards? here are Gerber files in RS274X for Double Sided PTH PCB

Datasheets of Parts used in this Project

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  Electronic Dice with PIC12F675



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