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 A Simple Crystal Radio Kit

 Crystal Radio Kit by Nina Gajjar


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I have been listening stories from dad that he made a radio when he was little younger than me. It was hard to digest that his radio worked without power! I thought, its nothing more than those interesting old stories that we have been told at bed time!!

However, Understanding little more about radio waves & basic principles, I realize that dad's story could be true & it was worth giving a try to see if it works. So, I decided to make a crystal radio for myself. Crystal Radio Set


The Basic Crystal Radio is just this much:

                  Basic Crystal Radio Circuit

A coil, Variable capacitor to tune frequency, a crystal Diode and a High Impedance headphone, makes a crystal radio.  You require a very good antenna and good ground. The .001 capacitor is to remove radio frequency from signal & get audio only for phones.

In this project, I am using above circuit already, for those interested only up to this level. So that a crystal Radio remains a crystal radio in its original form. You have an option to use High Impedance earphone and listen this radio without power. Circuit Radio Set Diagram

However, in addition to basic circuit, I decided to add some amplification for the very basic reasons that, it was hard to find a High Impedance earphones and second, it was more pleasant to listen to a radio thru a speaker. 

An Op. Amp was added to increase level of crystal signal so a low impedance earphones may be used and an audio IC was added to drive a small speaker.


Please go thru the Crystal Radio Document given below for more details.


Picture of the completed Crystal (AM) Radio:
                        Crystal Radio Kit by Nina Gajjar

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Crystal (AM) Radio Document & Schematic:
Crystal Radio Document
Schematic & Parts List

Coil Winding & Component Placement Details
PCB Details
Color Schematic

View JPG

Schematic in ZIP

Make your own PCB with these Gerber Files in ZIP PCB Files in ZIP
Download all above documents- ZIP PCB Files in ZIP

 Datasheets of Parts used in this Project

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