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 WTC: A Simple PIC16F88 Water Tank Pump Controller

 FM Radio Kit by Nina Gajjar


A Simple PIC16F88 LCD Water Tank Pump Controller


Maintaining Overhead Water Tank Level everyday is a painful act being observed by my dad for years (and a compulsion too) This controller became important when aging process of our parents, who look after house management is picking-up!! 

Keeping in mind that this work that they do today is to be transferred to me sooner or later, I decided for a new project: "Water Tank Pump Controller".

There are many Pump Controllers out there but we decided to make one with minimum components and with a PIC processor.

This Water Tank Pump controller uses PIC16F88 and look after your overhead tank level at all the time!! It even goes to sleep while we are asleep and wakes up when someone in the house flush a toilet! I am happy that with this controller in place, I will not have to run at late night to fill-up overhead tank anymore, specially when we have guests in house!! 

PIC Program and PCB/Kits are with great support of Fox Delta Team.

Here are few important points that this controller will do for you: 

1. Its DC12V Powered

2. Simple Project with PIC16F88 Micro

3. 4 Sensors to monitor Tank Level and 1 for Sump

4. 2 x 16 LCD Display. 

5. Water Level Indication as a Bar Graph

6. Auto Sleep Mode: PIC goes to sleep when nothing to do!!

7. Use Hi-Z probe Sensors or Mechanical Float switches.

8. 10A Rated Relay for your Motor or Contactor.

9. Free PIC Firmware by Tony/I2TZK


Completed Water Tank Pump Controller:

Click to enlarge


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Top Side View of WTC PCB:
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Water Tank Pump Controller Document & Schematic:
Water Tank Controller Document 
Schematic & Parts List 

Color Schematic


WTC Assembly Guide Coming Soon
PIC16F88 Firmware by I2TZK  
Want to make your own boards? here are Gerber files in RS274X

 Datasheets of Parts used in this Project

OEN 61-12V Relay
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 PIC16F88 Water Tank Pump Controller: RV1212

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